Lucie Leclerc

encaustic, acrylic and oil on canvas

For Lucie, the creation of works of art is the ultimate expression of a state of consciousness where she is the creator of her own universe. Her current work embodies the growth and fulfillment in her personal life. Lucie explores the beauty of nature and her paintings reflect joy and happiness. She likes to use brilliant and vivid colours that match her personality.

Lucie works mainly in encaustic, a medium that goes back to antiquity and uses beeswax mixed with pigments and resin. Encaustic painting is for Lucie a sensory experience that makes her being vibrate: the sweet fragrance of beeswax, the purity and brightness of colours, the application of heat that transforms the coloured wax into unusual patterns and finally the texture of the wax once cooled.

Lucie believes that we can all contribute to creating a better world and that we have much to offer everyone. Painting for Lucie is her special and unique way of being true to herself and participating in the evolution of human consciousness.

Lucie has been painting professionally for 20 years. Her works are in private collections across Canada, the United States and Europe.

Lucie lives in Orléans, a suburb of Ottawa, and has two workshops, one in Orléans and one in Val-des-Monts, Quebec.

Contact info: (613) 824-9588,, website