Christina Tzekov


Christina Tzekova was born in Bulgaria. Currently she lives and works in Ottawa, Canada.

Christina is a mosaic artist working with different mosaic media. Materials for her mosaics include marble, granite, smalti, vitreous glass, and stained glass. Christina also integrates handmade ceramic forms and elements in her mosaics. She uses a variety of colors, ranging from monochromatic, earth tones to a bright and vibrant palette.

Influenced by the Greek and Roman cultures, as well as Bulgarian folk art, Christina discovered the art of making decorative mosaics on wood panels more than 15 years ago. Her work is rich in symbolism and it is based on the generative power of nature - land, air and water, emphasized in color, texture, and the variations of the reflected light on the glass, stone, and ceramic tesserae.

Over the years she has participated in various group exhibitions and art and craft shows, as a freelance artist.

Today Christina's works can be found in private collections in Canada, United States, France, Spain and Bulgaria.

Contact info: (613) 841-0176,, .