Angela Verlaeckt Clark

sculpture, fused glass

I am a stone sculptor, poet and warm glass artist living and working in Orléans, Ontario. My Abenaki heritage, with its spirituality and appreciation for nature, and my artistic Flemish ancestry guide my work both in stone and glass. During my career in the UK, the USA and Canada, my fascination with sculpting led me from clay to stone to glass, from representational to landscape abstraction and from the historical to pure form. My stone sculptures and glass art are enduring.

Stone Sculpture
My stone sculptures are thoughtfully translated earth rhythms and abstracted landscapes with a presence that speaks to our personal strength and the strength of our natural Canadian geography. Each sculpture has an accompanying poem that facilitates an understanding of the ancient stone’s mysterious energies.

My glass art is fire-borne with richly hued, vibrant colours that recreate the mood of Asian textiles. I layer and re-layer coloured glass, incorporating dichroic for a multidimensional, multicoloured texture and fire it in a kiln. Often it is re-fired on a stainless steel mold to change its form. With a backdrop of stainless steel on wood, my completed art glass combines the inspirational and the architectural.

Contact info: (613) 884-2606,, website.