Joyce Buckley

oil, mixed media

Canada’s North – Capturing A Place in Time

My collection of works is of Canada’s northern landscapes with their vast rolling skies, majestic mountains and massive bodies of water. In my research for this collection I was inspired by the large geometric shapes and triangles with snow-capped tops reaching up into the sky.

Simplified and pared-down yet with an aura of grandeur and, water seemingly stretching to infinity. Nature’s own abstract sculptures, each one unique, there beauty changing and evolving with light.

Organic shapes inspired by spherical, cylindrical and triangulated mounds of earth. Wandering clouds forming a hazy, amorphous canopy. Large lakes, surrounded by mountains, all beneath ominous skies.

In these collected works I have tried to capture nature’s vitality by expressing the different energies of place, geography, climate and, quiet strength of Canada’s treasured northern lands.

My choice of medium is oil, employing the methods and methodologies of my predecessors’, to create depth and luminosity to draw the viewer into the clam and deafening quiet of what is Canada’s true north.

Contact info: (613) 824-3425,